Prometheus Game

Prometheus Game



Prometheus is an innovative and exciting strategy game that appeals to people of all ages.

The game is easy to play, impossible to draw and no two games are the same.  The game looks elegant and futuristic and the quality of design and manufacture is fantastic.

The game, similar to chess but more dynamic involves an evolving scenario of different shaped board pieces where the object of the game is to capture the cherished sphere of our opponent.  The moves are enabled based on the number of vertices or corners of each piece. The most dynamic piece is the cube which is ultimately released to transcend the whole of the board in a range of exciting game scenarios. 

The game can be used to develop foresight and strategic thinking and amazingly players do not feel unhappy when they lose a game as they often do in chess – they just wish to play another game of Prometheus!The game also brings people closer together in a way that computer technologies cannot do.Two people can play or two pairs of people can also play Prometheus.Self-confidence, team building and positive communication skills are also promoted in games of Prometheus.

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