About Prometheus

Prometheus Strategy Game was invented by former teacher Christopher Curtis who lives in the west-country in England. The inventor wished to explore how a futuristic strategy game could bring fun and enjoyment around the world based on the number of corners or vertices of dynamic play pieces.

Prometheus is an exciting and innovative new strategy game that has been manufactured to a very high quality of production – this has made the game more of a lifestyle concept which can be enjoyed by families and friends around the world. 

The strategy game has already received many accolades in schools, colleges and universities.   



Behind the name…

The story of Prometheus giving the gift of fire to the mortals while the Gods were sleeping is a fascinating one.  Through his gift of fire and subsequent sacrifice, Prometheus is considered to be the patron of civilization in Greek Mythology.  He has a small shrine in Athens near to Plato’s academy and was worshipped in Rome by scholars. 

The translation for ‘Prometheus’ in Greek mythology is ‘forethought’ which is essential for success in winning a game of Prometheus. 

The Prometheus strategy game celebrates the contribution of Ancient Greece Classical Civilization to the World.  In Greek Mythology, the idea of fire can also be seen in terms of warmth to acquire knowledge.  The ancient traditions of Greek arithmetic held that numbers contained the key to the soul of the world.   

At the beginning of each game, one of the play pieces on the back row or middle row is sacrificed and the players sphere is placed on the vacant square.

Let the game begin…  



The game has been registered at Companies House, UK
and is also registered with Abel and Imray Patent Attorneys based in Bath, UK.