Is Prometheus a new game?

Yes!  -   players have said that it is more fun than chess and that no two games are the same!    The rules are easy to understand and players can become strategic in just a few minutes!    


How long does a game of Prometheus last?

Prometheus is exciting and dynamic – games usually last around 20 to 30 minutes and can sometimes be shorter with clever and imaginative moves!


What is the age range for players?

Prometheus is enjoyable for people of all ages!  Sometimes games are played with groups of four or six people across two or three generations of family members.  Most games have been played between two players.


Are Prometheus clubs being set up alongside chess clubs in schools, colleges and universities?

Yes they are!  In a fast moving world where games of chess may last too long, having a game of Prometheus encourages thinking skills but it does feel so bad when you lose – you just want to have another game of Prometheus!

How do the pieces look and feel?

Prometheus play pieces have been made to a very high degree of precision using zinc and aluminium. The Company Prometheusconcept.com has received invaluable help from Richard Stone and leading manufacturers in the United Kingdom.

The pieces are beautifully made and the box containing the pieces is futuristic with a concave – convex design using an injection moulding. 

Can Prometheus sets be despatched to anywhere in the world?

Yes they can – DHL Worldwide is being used to transport sets of Prometheus around the world.

What are the key benefits of playing Prometheus?

Prometheus is great fun and brings family and friends closer together in playing games of Prometheus! There are also many health benefits including promoting cognitive skills, problem solving skills, encouraging foresight and planning, improving memory and overall well-being.  Playing Prometheus can also help stimulate the brain and help people who are on the road to wellness. 

How heavy is a full set of Prometheus plus the futuristic box?

The Prometheus set weighs approximately 3kg for posting purposes.

What are the dimensions of a Prometheus box?

460mm (W) x 435mm (H) x 60mm (D)

Where is the business address of Prometheusconcept?

The business address is located 31 Silver Street, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, BA15  1JX

Any other questions?

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